Monday , November 19 , 2018

by Robert M. Cook THE MANSION OF E CLICK HERE for MoE Backup
Comic NOTE FOR NOVEMBER 19, 2019

Welcome to Part Seven of the Mansion of E Archives.

The king was in his counting house,
Counting out his money
The queen was in the parlour
Eating bread and honey.

The maid was in the garden
Hanging out the clothes
When down came a blackbird
And pecked off her nose.

They sent for the king's doctor
who sewed it on again
He sewed it on so neatly
the seam was never seen.


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SEPTEMBER 13, 2018

It appears that is still/back online. It required a tweak in the link-coding, but I at least am able to search the existing archives again. Woot! Still can't add new stuff, but I'll take what I can get.

AUGUST 17, 2018

With the death of, as at least a stop-gap measure I've set up an archive of the strip dialogue-transcriptions I had submitted with them. Click here or on TRANSCRIPTS up above if you want to search the raw(ish) data for a character's name or whatever via CRTL-F. There are links to all the comics through early 2016; after that, you need to use the search function over on the ComicFury backup site.

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